GL Beauty Lashes Magnetic Lashes Set No. 2 So Nature

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The GL Beauty Lashes Magnetic Lashes Set is easy to apply and easy to remove. The strip lashes are suitable for every eye shape, as you can easily shorten them to your personal eye shape with a small pair of scissors. The lashes are handmade and are attached to a transparent, flexible lash band. This allows you to create your own individual style.



How to use the GL Beauty Magnetic Lashes Set

Shake the Striplash Pen (black or transparent) well before use. Place the tip of the Striplash Pen as close as possible to your grease-free and dry lash line and draw a line from front to back (not too thin). You can shape the style of the eyeliner to your liking. Allow the Striplash Pen to dry for about 10 seconds for the best hold.


To get the strip lashes out of the box easily, use tweezers or the MAGIC LASHY Applicator to remove them. Place the tweezers on the outer edge of the strip lashes and carefully detach the edge. You can then carefully pull off the complete strip of lashes. Now carefully hold the lashes with the applicator to your closed eye. Now, if necessary, you can shorten the strip lashes to the length of your eye with the MAGIC LASHY scissors.


Then hold the lash band in the centre (with your fingers or our handy MAGIC LASHY Applicator). Now close one eye and place the band lash as close as possible to your natural lash line directly on the eyelid line. To do this, start in the inner corner of the eye and carefully press the lashes onto the eyeliner piece by piece with the applicator or your finger.

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